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The perfect mapping tool for journalists and newsrooms

Mapcreator is an easy to use online map service developed with the needs of data journalists and the entire newsroom in mind.

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Mapping tool for journalists and newsrooms

Mapcreator allows you to create personalized maps within seconds! With a few clicks, you can add your own data, edit your maps and publish them for print or online purposes.

Optimized for the workflow within newsrooms, more than 250 newspapers, magazines, and news agencies worldwide are using our tool on a daily basis.

Create maps that make the difference

Illustrate your articles

and stay in your reader’s mind: create detailed maps of every location in the world, use your own brand and design elements, visualize your data, export your map to various formats and publish it (online or print).


Annotate your maps

Edit and customize your maps

Add markers, labels, icons, text.
Draw routes, curve lines, polygons.
Highlight areas or points of interest.
With online interactive maps, add text boxes and enrich them with videos, images or links.


Create compelling data visualization of your data

Add data to your map

Import your own data (Excel, CSV) on a map in few clicks and let your data tell your story!


Publish your maps
online or print

Show your map to the world

With Mapcreator, you can export your maps in multiple languages and to the different formats available: PNG, JPG, SVG, EPS, PDF (CMYK), WEB (embed code)

Importing your work into Illustrator or Photoshop is possible thanks to the vector export format.

You can also export your maps as PDFs, so you can use your maps as a vector file for printing without losing any visual quality, with the size you want.


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