Mapping API : Integrate maps in your applications

API with a query builder-like JavaScript library

A flexible and easy-to-use mapping API for your applications

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Mapcreator’s mapping technology in a solid API

The Mapcreator API is a versatile and powerful mapping service built for developers. Exploit the technology behind the Mapcreator platform with our powerful API.The Mapcreator API helps you generating maps without the need for any cartographical knowledge. It comes with a library to provide a painless way to talk to the API using JavaScript.

Integrate our mapping technology into your applications

Add maps to your apps

Mapcreator provides a lightweight, and easy to get started API for building your map applications. Our mapping API is scalable and reliable, and provide full integration with your platform.


Use our query builder-like Javascript Wrapper

Easy to get started

We have created a query builder-like library that can execute every feature our API offers. It even does the OAuth login for you, in redirect, popup or password flow.

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Mapping API

Frequently asked questions


Here you can find answers to general questions related to Mapcreator API.

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  • — Query Builder-Like Javascript Wrapper
  • — Automation with Webhooks
  • — GeoJSON Map Format

Can I see your API documentation?

Here is the link to our documentation: https://docs.maps4news.com/

Can I try Mapcreator API for free?

Seeing is believing! To get free access to our API, email us at info [at] mapcreator.eu or send us a message here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Is the API Javascript Library available on Github?

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