Harness the power of maps without cartography skills.

Mapping tool for government and public sector

Mapcreator is an easy-to-use-mapping service developed for the needs of national, state, and local authorities.

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Create maps in minutes. Add your annotations on it. Upload your data. Cherry on top, you don’t need a complicated GIS software or cartographic skills to achieve that.

Mapping tool for government and public sector

Mapcreator provides easy visualization and analysis of mapping data for federal, state and local governments. Our tool allows you to create maps easily for internal or external purposes in order to maximize efficiency and transparency.

Use mapping for decision making

Harness mapping knowledge

Use maps to assist decision making: create maps for your reports, highlight locations and use mapping data to bring your reports and projects to the next level.

Use the power of maps to analyze, visualize and share location information with the public.

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Show statistical data easily

Import your data

Import your own data (Excel, CSV) on your maps, edit, export (PNG, EPS, Web…) and share them.

Create choropleths maps to show statistical data (like election maps) or create interactive maps in which you can upload addresses or coordinates in bulk, with a simple drag and drop of your excel file.

Create your first map

Facilitate communication with citizens

Communicate with maps

Show events locations, the planning stages of construction, restricted areas, detours etc.
Create custom maps with annotations like markers, labels, icons and text.
Share information on your maps easily: draw routes, curved lines, polygons, highlight areas and points of interests.
Create interactive maps with text-boxes and enrich them with videos, images or links and embed them on your website.

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Publish your maps
online or print

Show your map to the world

With Mapcreator, you can export your maps in 10 different languages and to the different formats available: PNG, JPG, SVG, PDF (CMYK), EPS, WEB (embed code).

Importing your work into Illustrator or Photoshop is possible thanks to the SVG export format.
You can also export your maps as PDFs, so you can use your maps as a vector file for printing without losing any visual quality, with the size you want.


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