How can I create a quick locator map?

  • Created : Jun, 03, 2019
  • Last Updated: Jan, 23, 2020

This documentation is always evolving.

On some occasions such as breaking news, you may need a simple locator map to highlight certain areas and pinpoint locations. Follow the instructions below to learn how to create such a map in a very short time. Start with creating a new project and finding your location. There are different methods of pinpointing your location: 

Method 1:  you can click on the “+” next to the location name in the drop-down menu. It will automatically place a label on the selected location. You can then edit the text and the location of the label as shown below:

Method 2: Another way to highlight a location is by using the labels. These give you more flexibility in terms of styling the labels and making them stand out.

You have a single location, but sometimes it is also relevant to highlight a certain area. You can use the polygon feature to highlight the administrative areas on your map. You can do so by accessing the polygon menu and selecting the desired polygon.

You can edit the color and the transparency of the polygons. Just click on the polygon to enter the editing menu.

Tip: You can remove the remaining labels by using the labels layer found in the styling menu.

This is the last step. Select the right size and output format, click on download and your map is ready to publish.  

Pro-Tip: If you’d like to provide your readers with a better context of where in the world these news are happening, you can also place an inset map (mini map / locator map):

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